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Motivation Monday: Lessons Learned: Ancient Magus' Bride Edition

Good Morning everyone! Welcome back to my blog and to the first edition of "Lessons Learned" Monday Motivation! So, just in case it sounds a bit confusing, let me clear some things up for you! Mondays will be posts pertaining to positive lessons learned from various anime that we cover here at Nerdy and Confused. It will either contain quotes or simply examples and how they correlate to a life lesson. Does that make sense? I hope so. Anyways, Let's get this party started! Lesson # 1! All it takes is for ONE person to believe in you. It can change your life. Okay, so , I am a very strong advocate in the idea of believing in yourself first rather than relying on someone else to do so because, in some cases, if you don't even believe in yourself, then who else would want to? Well, I do believe that there are some exceptions to this. Take Chise for example. She has been through the ringer on a crazy level. With her mother trying to strangle her and exclaim that she shoul…

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